Inspired by Nature, Central Park Mall is created for those who loves nature. A thematic Mall with three different atrium concepts. The first one is Temperate Atrium, a combination of thick rainforest with greenery landscape that is open to the sky. The second is Tropical Atrium, a tropical rainforest with water features. The third one is Arctic Atrium, an atrium based on the north pole creating a relatively cool atmosphere. Built with a combination of solid and translucent material, the Mall will source reflective lights creating intriguing visual effects through out the building.

The Central Park Mall will form an integral part of Podomoro City superblock. Supported by thousands of residential units in the superblock being Central Park Residences, Royal Mediterania Garden, Mediterania Garden Residence 1 and 2, and Central Park Office tower, one can mention the number of visitors to the mall in the range of thousands of people everyday. Not to mention the location of this superblock, being in an extremely high density populated areas where businesses, education and life activities flourish.

The Mall will attract visitors encompassing the nearby Grogol, Tanjung Duren, Taman Ratu, Green Ville, Sunrise Garden, Kedoya, Slipi, Kebun Jeruk, and basically the whole city of Jakarta. The Potential visitors also come from some universities in surrounding area, they are Tarumanagara, Trisakti and Atmajaya University.

The Central Park Mall will have easy accesses for both pedestrians and vehicles. There will be 2 air conditioned pedestrians tunnel with shops connecting the residential areas to the mall. This will ensure comfortable walking condition against the hot sun or rain. There is a pedestrian bridge connecting the upper floor of Garden Shopping Arcade shop houses to the upper floor of the Mall.

There will be wide main entrance road. A two way vehicular tunnel will lay beneath the main road for vehicles crossing between the left side of the entrance to the right side of the entrance, thus reducing potential stops or congestion.

Central Park Mall is a 4.5 storeys plus a retail basemant mall with a GFA of 167.000 square meter and allocation of 348 retail units. The mall consists of a lower ground which contains a hypermarket, general retail and Food and Beverages services. Its ground floor has fashion super brands, café and a department store which will cover 2 floors of the building. Upper ground for young international fashion, optical, jewellery and salon. 1st floor for sports, health, bookstores, casual fashion and electronics gadget. 2nd floor for home furnishing, kids apparel, children playground, food court. 3rd floor for entertainment category such as megaplex, gym and billiard. And the mall's top floor contains production house, cinema auditorium and a ballroom.