The roads have different Right of Way (ROW) according to each function. The primary and secondary arterial road will have ROW 30 m and 15 m consisting of 3 lanes for each direction. They will become the main access road into the complex and will be designed as a boulevard in order to strengthen the image of being the main access road. There will be pedestrian lane along the main road with various width between 6 m right on the front of the shop arcade to 4 m on any other road. The main road will be directly connected to the back main road Jalan Tanjung Duren Timur

The Luxurious Shopping Tunnel in Indonesia
There will be two tunnels connecting residential areas, garden shopping arcade and Central Park Mall. These air conditioned tunnels with escalators will serve as convenient indoor passageway for Pedestrians to avoid the hot sun or rain.

Shopping in the tunnel. The tunnels will contain 2 sides shops and restaurants. Your shopping experience starts the moment you leave your residences. A lifestyle you deserves.

The Vehicle Tunnel serving Central Park Office
A two way vehicle tunnel will connect between Central Park Office to a future business area development located on the opposite side of the tower. This tunnel will serve smooth and safe traffic flow and reduce congestion on the main access road.

The Pedestrian Bridge
A pedestrian bridge will connect the Garden Shopping Arcade to level 6 of Central Park Mall. This bridge will provide shortcut between upper level of the Shopping arcade to upper level of the Mall thus enhancing traffic flow on the upper sides. The Bridge will overlook The Park providing breathtaking panoramas of the landscape.